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Justice & Equity Statement​

Justice and Equity is a cornerstone of our business model. This model is iterative and ever evolving and as such we do not presume that it is already a fixed, complete or ideal model. The system that we are in within late-stage capitalism is inherently flawed. Exchanging money for services can never be completely pure and free from exploitation and violence that is built in as part of capitalist structures. As we live and operate within a capitalist system we seek to transform the structure with emergent strategies as we also work to create new models that benefit us all. 

This program becomes a bridge towards the world that we want to see where wellness, yoga and healing tools are available to all. 


All of the isms, capitalism, colonialism, racism, patriarchy, heteronormativity, ableism and hierarchy create systemic imbalances for underestimated people in our world. These isms continue to have devastating impacts today that greatly impact the human potential of each other and our world. 

The work that we do is inherent in yoga as a social justice framework. 

The Yogic Science of Social Justice leads us to a clear 4 step framework for engaging this work. 

  1. Separation -  We believe we need to take a clear look at what causes separation

  2. Reflection - Reflecting on our social location, positionality and role with self inquiry

  3. Reconnection through Action - taking action 

  4. Liberation - Moving towards freedom and liberation for ourselves and others are all key pieces of working towards justice and equity. 

 This means doing both personal development work, being accountable, and TAKING ACTION based on that increased awareness.  

This is why Embody Yoga’s Roots YTT and Ignite Yoga and Wellness Institute offer diverse pricing structures. With partial scholarships for YTT’s and other programming we practice a form of equalization and wealth distribution so those who do not historically have access can move through this small action towards redistribution of resources.

We are also building out a Radical Justice Reparations fund as a means for complete and radical wealth distribution for low income BIPOC/Queer and other underestimated folks. These funds will be used to redistribute wealth from those who have generational stability to those who do not. 


We are also always in iteration and development of more equitable and radical means of creating change and bringing alive the values shared above that enable us to honor yoga’s roots and create equity for all.

Questions or Comments:
If you have any questions or comments about this statement or the site, please contact Ignite at (407) 717-7118.

UPDATED:  May 20, 2020

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