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Do I have to be flexible to begin yoga teacher training?

NO. There are 8 limbs of yoga, which include elements such as meditation, mindfulness, and living joyfully! Asana - the physical practice - is just one part of yoga. You absolutely do not need to be flexible to begin a teacher training. Each student will have their own range of flexibility to work with, and good teacher trainings honor the individuality of every student. 
An increase in flexibility may occur throughout your training and practice, but it is not the sole aim of the training - you may also experience increased flexibility of the mind and spirit too! 

Where are Ignite trainings offered?

Ignite strives to make yoga accessible to everyone. Currently, you can enroll in our programs hosted in Downtown Orlando, a central location within just miles of Winter Park, College Park, Oviedo and Winter Garden.

How much is it to enroll?

Pricing for each of our programs is listed on our Classes page. Custom payment plans are available to assist in making these trainings accessible to everyone. If interested in setting up a custom payment plan, please contact

Do I need to have a lot of experience before enrolling in a Yoga Teaching Training?

NO. You do not need to have a lot of experience before becoming a student of Ignite. Many people begin a Yoga Teacher Training before they have a strong studio practice because they want to learn the history and background of yoga while ensuring good practice habits.
During your training at Ignite, you will get a well-rounded understanding of what yoga truly is while furthering your experience. There is no defined standard that must be achieved before beginning your training. The only qualification is that you have a desire to practice and explore yoga. That’s it!

What are the days and times students meet?

Following the collegiate educational model of our programs, we like to think of each of our trainings as a semester. Over a 4 month period, we meet 1 week night per week and about 2-3 weekend afternoons per month. This training schedule ensures the deepest learning possible in an easy-to-manage time commitment.
At the end of your training when you have completed all requirements you will be able to register as a certified yoga teacher, and our collegiate semester structure provides an increased opportunity for the majority of our students to be teaching confidently by the end of their training.

Is Ignite a Yoga Alliance Certified institution?

YES. Ignite is certified at the highest levels available through Yoga Alliance. At both the 200 Foundations and 500 Advanced levels. Ignite’s programs follow a collegiate educational model, offering some of the highest quality trainings in yoga and wellness available today. Our Founder and Director of Education, Susanna Barkataki, has a Master’s Degree in Education, is a certified Yoga Therapist, is an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, and is a Continuing Education Provider for Yoga Alliance.

What are the benefits of becoming a certified yoga teacher?

While completing a teacher training program, increasing your yoga knowledge and skills is expected, but there are so many more benefits. By extending your knowledge of a true yoga lifestyle, you may also experience a decrease in stress, an increase in happiness, and a greater appreciation of life! After completing the program and gaining your Yoga Alliance Certification, you’ll also be prepared to teach with clients privately or in large group settings such as studios, schools, hospitals, and corporate organizations.
As a member of Ignite, you’ll share an experience with other amazing, like-minded people - many of whom will become close friends and supporters. The benefits of Yoga Teach Training are truly endless!

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