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4 Things To Do Before Your First Yoga Teacher Class At Ignite

Dear Aspiring Yoga Teacher...

We are so excited to be embarking on this yoga training adventure.

At this stage, it's normal to be filled with excitement, apprehension and even anxiety!

After all, this is a big step and a powerful YES to the universe!

To help you ease into this life change, I've outlined 4 simple things you can do now to get you going.

4 Things To Prepare You For Your Ignite Journey

1. Lay A Solid Foundation

Practice some asanas (positions)! Enjoy trying out different classes, if you can, in your area.

You'll be practicing with many different teachers in the training - so you can also look forward to that!

For now, see what you like, and what you don't. Perhaps even try following some free yoga videos on YouTube.

Ideally, you would practice 3-5X a week for 20 mins to 1 hour. And if that isn't possible- no worries! We will talk all about creating a consistent home practice in the training.

2. Get A Journal And Start To Introspect

You may even want to take a picture of yourself on the first day and put it in your journal!

Begin to explore the inner conversations that want to come to light!

Let yourself write. Don't worry about what comes out - just explore. What feels good to you, questions you have, fears you have - all of it is welcome!

3. Get Prepped To Connect

Start connecting with others. A big part of the training is meeting like-minded and like-hearted people.

You may find some life-long friends in this training. Most people do!

Think about what you really value in a friend. And most importantly - explore what you can give to others.

Get mentally/emotionally ready for this as the community part will be a lot of fun!

4. Prepare To Be Transformed!

Yoga Teacher Training takes us deep into who we are. It opens our hearts, stretches our minds and bodies and moves us towards our highest selves.

This journey can certainly have its ups and downs, as old ways of being - that no longer serve our highest selves - seem to drop away. All in due time.

Start exercising your trust muscle! You'll need to trust your journey as you explore places you've not gone before!

Get Excited!

Remember - our first night together is soon! You don't need anything other than yourself that night, so don't stress.

We will practice together, talk about what Yoga is (no big deal, right!), and get to know one another.

Can't wait! <3

Namaste, Susanna


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