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33 Reasons To Love Yoga

Here at Ignite, we love yoga so much that we practice it everyday and train others to do the same. And to share what works for them! We are enthusiastic about teacher training.

Experience the benefits of yoga and more! It’s all about finding and sharing your genuine voice, developing practical in-class skills, making lifelong friends, deepening your practice, and supporting people on their journey.

This is yoga off the mat!

Here Are 33 Reasons We LOVE Yoga at Ignite... And Why You Will Too!

We love:

  1. The peace you get.

  2. The power to work on yourself and change reactions to events.

  3. The core strength and toned muscles that make you feel strong and flexible.

  4. The direction it gives to life.

  5. The way it helps manage energy and mood.

  6. That now you can do less harm and more good.

  7. To stretch creaky muscles when waking or standing up.

  8. That it’s safe and effective treatment for chronic pain.

  9. That it helps you be more healthy.

  10. That it lowers heart rate & stress.

  11. That it helps some people lose weight and keep it off.

  12. That it can make you feel like falling in love. <3 openers!

  13. That you can feel like a carefree kid when doing happy baby and child’s pose!

  14. That it can always be modified to fit people’s needs.

  15. How it is, and so isn’t, a fad.

  16. How, as one student said, “It makes me feel like a unicorn mermaid floating thru cotton candy clouds.”

  17. How yoga teaches functional anatomy- know your parts- and how to use ‘em!

  18. That it contains an absolute truth: breath comes first! No doubt.

  19. That it’s like enlightenment catnip. Especially shavasana.

  20. That it’s fun to try different styles, studios, teachers and even mats.

  21. That you can look forward to it everyday.

  22. That it gets us through heartbreak.

  23. That we can do it all day long.

  24. That it brings us balance. (What’s up tree pose!)

  25. That it’s playful, practical and profound.

  26. That it’s not a secret club or a popularity contest. Its all-inclusive and everyone’s invited to the party.

  27. That it combines ancient and modern wisdom.

  28. That it makes meditation fail-proof.

  29. How it helps bones and muscles sit and fit together right.

  30. That it helps us fall asleep at night. Hello, long forward folds and holds!

  31. That it makes us laugh. It’s just yoga, people. It’s not that serious!

  32. That it isn’t a competition. Even though we sometimes think it is at first, oh, so deeply flexible mat-neighbor.

  33. That it’s something we can get better at with practice.

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